Hotel Sonne Küsnacht Zürich

Eat and drink at the Sonne on the shores of Lake Zurich

For gourmets, down-to-earth diners, partygoers, sun worshippers and all kinds of connoisseurs.

At the Romantik Seehotel Sonne in Küsnacht, the choice is yours. If you'd like to dine in a gourmet restaurant, we suggest you try our famous Sonnengalerie – with an “al fresco” option in summer. But if you're after something more down-to-earth, you'll find Swiss specialities and modern international dishes in our cosy and historic Gaststuben.

Our beer garden is right next to Lake Zurich. Enjoy the wonderful shade under our big trees and simple, delicious self-service dishes in summer. When evening comes, end the day in style with a select drink in our elegant tower bar.
The Sonne is a little piece of Küsnacht – we wish you a warm welcome!


Sonnengalerie Restaurant
Elegant atmosphere, authentic produce and supreme culinary skills

In all modesty, you'd love our food even if you were blindfolded. But our chef says, if it tastes good it should look good, too! Many of our dishes do indeed take on the appearance of miniature works of art – a treat for the eyes as well as the discerning palate.
No wonder the “Sonnengalerie” restaurant in Küsnacht on the shores of Lake Zurich is regularly recommended by good food guides.

Yet our main concern is and always will be to satisfy and inspire our guests. We do all we can to instil a sensation of absolute well-being by creating an elegant atmosphere of harmony and consistently combining high-quality, authentic ingredients with great skill to produce culinary works of art.
Bon appetit!


  Sonnengalerie Restaurant

Gourmet-Restaurant Sonnengalerie
Gourmet-Restaurant Sonnengalerie
Terrasse Restaurant am Zürichsee
Terrasse Restaurant Sonnengalerie am Zürichsee

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Gaststuben Restaurant
Swiss cuisine and modern international dishes in a historic atmosphere

If only rooms could talk...
We would dearly love to know what has gone on in these historic Küsnacht rooms over the centuries; what conversations and encounters have taken place here, what destinies have clashed between these walls. Although the originality and authenticity of our cosy dining rooms are enchanting in themselves, they are as timeless and contemporary as they have always been.

That's why we don't just serve traditional Swiss specialities like good old-fashioned veal sausage and regional classics such as “Züri Gschnetzlets” (sliced veal), but also food with a distinctive international flavour. Our dining rooms are a well-kept secret for anyone wishing to escape the hectic hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a good meal in an idyllic location by Lake Zurich. Bon appetit!



Gaststube Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht
Burestube Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht
Küsnachterstube Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht
Küsnachterstube Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht

The Tower Bar
Exquisite drinks and good conversation in our bar by Lake Zurich

The striking tower that houses our smoke-free hotel bar was presumably originally built in the 14th century. That doesn't stop our guests enjoying its pleasures to their hearts' content here and now. Everything about the Tower Bar encourages you to indulge in civilised idleness:

the warm colours, the inviting atmosphere, the hospitable welcome. You won't find shrill extravagance or post-futuristic coolness here; this is an elegant meeting place where intimate conversation and stimulating discussions go hand in hand with sheer enjoyment.

Fine wines, sophisticated cocktails and sparkling champagne make for a tempting aperitif; fine grappa, smoky single malt whiskies and liqueurs of outstanding quality round off the evening.
Open: Tuesday to Saturday from 17:30 to 00:30


  Tower Bar

Turm-Bar Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht
Turm-Bar Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht
Turm-Bar Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht

Authentic beer garden
on the shores of Lake Zurich

Our beer garden with its large, shady trees – including a 350-year-old lime – is the only one of its kind on the shores of Lake Zurich. On warm, sunny days, enjoy the view across the shimmering blue lake as the holiday mood takes hold and everyday life fades into the distance. The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, and the staff are as good-humoured as our guests. Of course that has a lot to do with the lake and the sunshine, but the choice of food and drink in the self-service restaurant is another important factor.

Young or old, discerning or down-to-earth - there's definitely something to suit everyone’s culinary tastes here. One thing all the dishes have in common is a summer theme, expressed in endless variations... Take a sunny break from everyday life – at lunchtime, in the evening, or after a hike or a cruise on the lake: the pier is right next to our beer garden and Küsnacht station is just two minutes away. Welcome!


  Beer garden

Biergarten Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht
Gartenlounge Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht
Sonnengarten Seehotel Sonne Küsnacht

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