Hotel Sonne Küsnacht Zürich

Picnic on Lake Zurich

To order a picnic basket or backpack

To fully enjoy Küsnacht and lake Zürich, we have arranged a couple of picnic varieties for you. Let yourself be inspired from our different tour-options and reserve your picnic-basket with us. For every picnic you can choose between a basket or a backpack. For the hikes we recommend a backpack.

Picnic «Swiss Family» on Lake Zurich

Picnic «Swiss Family»

  • Crunchy potato crisps paprika or plain
  • Lovingly prepared sandwiches with cold meat and cheese
  • Original swiss “Bircher Müsli”
  • Cooked egg with house-made herb salt
  • Typically Swiss: Cervelat to grill yourself with a bread roll
  • House made pasta salad
  • Apple and Banana
  • Cold Ovomaltine-chocolate drink
  • Chocolate cake
  • 1 bottle of Räuschling (white wine) 75 cl
  • House made iced tea
  • 5 dl mineral water with or without gas
  • Matches and fire starter

CHF 58 per person (bookable from 2 persons and up)
CHF 20 per child up to 12 years

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Picnic «Mid morning or afternoon platter» on Lake Zurich

Picnic «Mid morning or afternoon platter»

  • Fresh from the oven mini-farmer’s bread
  • Smoked piece of raw bacon
  • Piece of mountain cheese
  • Cooked egg with house made herb salt
  • Spicy mixed pickles in a preserving jar
  • Mini fruit tart
  • Wooden board and sharp knife
  • 1 bottle of Räuschling (white wine) 75 cl
  • 5 dl mineral water with or without gas

CHF 56 per person (bookable from 2 persons and up)

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Attractions for picnicking

Picnic on Lake Zürich

Picnic on Lake Zürich

Romantic Picnic for Two or for the whole family. A Picnic at the “Küsnachter Horn” (large play ground and sandy beach nearby) on a warm summer day is pure recreation. Ideal for families, couples and friends.

Distance from the hotel is about 10-15 walking minutes

Picnic in the Küsnachter Tobel

Küsnachter Tobel

For active guests a great Mountainbike-Trail, for the relaxed hiker a beautiful hike, passing by the “Alexanderstein”, to the “dragon caves” and maybe even all the way up to the “Pfannenstiel”. A great trip for two or the whole family.

Distance from the hotel about 9.5km to “Pfannenstiel”, hiking time: approximately 3 hours, medium demand, uphill



Picnic along the hiking trail „Around Lake Zurich“

Hiking trail all around lake Zürich

From the hotel you walk approximately 30 minutes up to “Küsnachter Tobel”, following you can enjoy a unique relaxing hike into the direction of Rapperswil. Depending on your terms, you can descend to the next train station or boat stop at an earlier or later point.

Panoramic path in 10 stages from easy to medium, per stage 2 – 3 hours, hike can be reduced or extended as preferred.

A ride in to the blue

Ride in to the blue

A big advantage of Switzerland is the short distances. Küsnacht is the ideal starting point, to take a ride in to the blue. And the advantage of the picnic is, that you can stop and rest wherever you like.

  • Luzern with the “Kappelerbrücke” (day trip)
  • Appenzell – idyllic capitol of the canton Appenzell (day trip)
  • The City of Roses: Rapperswil with the children’s zoo and the longest wooden bridge in Europe (half day trip)
  • Sound path in Toggenburg – pure Switzerland! (day trip)