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Turkey & Goose - to go

Turkey & Goose - to go

Celebrate with our festive menu ready to be served at your private home address - again this year from 1st November.

From 1st November to 26th December during Thanksgiving and the pre-christmas time you can enjoy a comfortable time and for once be your own guest and have the possibility to dedicate all your time to your guests.

as easy as this:

You order with us (at least 24 hours in advance) a golden-brown, crispy and juicy turkey or goose with a delicate filling of chestnuts, prunes and apples.

We will get this feast ready for you in a box to keep it all warm, with a tasty gravy, hygienically packed ready to pick up (pick-up between 5 and 7pm).

Of course we can also have the goose or turkey delivered to you with a taxi (on an extra charge).

Either for a feast with family and friends or a delicious lunch in the office, the turkey or goose will surely be a highlight for your and your guests.

You can choose between:

Turkey with filling (for up to 4 guests)    

CHF 39.00 per person

Goose with filling (for up to 4 guests)     

CHF 51.00 per person

Side dishes: dumplings, red cabbage, pumpkin balls or chestnuts

CHF 5.50 per person and side dish

(We count about 500g of turkey and 800g of goose per person uprocessed)

We are looking forward to take your order directly under +41 44 914 1818 or via email to .

In case you prefer a telephone reservation, please use the number +41 44 914 18 18.  Request by  E- mail


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