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Wellness SPA

Wellness SPA

Inhale those deeply aromatic feelgood aromas; the scent of meadow flowers, lavender or rosemary. With every breath you take, everyday concerns fade gradually into insignificance...

Natural materials, soft lighting and the latest designs combine to make our Wellness Oasis a veritable jewel in its class – not least thanks to the private lawn right on the shores of the lake. No relaxation room, no matter how opulent, can hope to compete with its simple charms. And whilst we’re on the subject of resting: if you work out in our well-equipped fitness room before taking a sauna, you’ll certainly have earned your relaxation time twice over….

Not that we harbour any puritanical views regarding the interaction of physical exercise and the pleasures of the flesh; that would be quite laughable in view of the varied culinary delights on offer in our establishment! A light fish dish on our sun terrace would be particularly tasty after a visit to the wellness area, for example. Or an elegant variation on a vegetable dish in one of our dining rooms.

Or then again…. but let’s not talk about food at this juncture! But about wellbeing as a whole - we rest our case!