We don’t use decoration to conceal, but rather to enhance what’s already there.

Christmas banquets, family celebrations, wedding receptions: these are just some of the numerous occasions on which hosts and guests come together in festive mood. It’s certainly a feast for the eyes when elegantly clad people sit down together around a table which is also suitably dressed for the occasion….

That’s why finding the “right” decoration is so important to us, which means accentuating the special elements and presenting a visual masterpiece. And yet the decorative aspects should never be over the top. They should be flattering and enhancing, just as the personality of a beautiful woman is never overshadowed by a designer dress, but rather enhanced by it…. but of course that’s just our personal opinion. It is certainly not our intention to impose our views on our guests, so the final decision on decoration for your special occasion is left to you. Assuming any decoration is required in the first place, of course! Either way, we shall be delighted to advise you in person.

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