The striking tower which is home to the bar was originally built in the 14th century. But our guests can enjoy its pleasures to their heart’s content here and now.

Everything about this bar encourages you to devote yourself to the art of civilised idleness: the warm colours, the inviting atmosphere, the hospitable welcome. It cleverly avoids the shrill extravagance or post-futuristic coolness of many similar bars. It’s a place for meeting others, where uninterrupted conversation and stimulating discussions feel just right – along with that indefinable thing called “fun” and the elusive spark of real enjoyment.

Fine wines, sophisticated cocktails and sparkling champagne tempt you to try a pre-dinner drink; smoke-imbued whiskies and liqueurs of outstanding quality round off the evening. Night time in the Romantik Seehotel Sonne does ample justice to the hotel’s reputation: stylish, varied – simply unique.

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