Under the shade of the chestnut trees, looking out on superb views over the shimmering blue lake, the world – and time – fade into the distance: welcome to the Sonnengarten, our summer idyll on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Women in bright summer dresses, men in casual leisure gear and the happy laughter of children all around – this is precisely the scene you might expect to find on an early summer day in our open-air buffet-style Sonnengarten restaurant. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the setting picture-perfect and the staff as good-humoured as our guests.

Our lovely climate also has a role to play, of course. To say nothing of that characteristic, almost Mediterranean-like flair. But that’s certainly not all: the choice of food and drink on offer is another important factor. Young or old, discerning or easy to please - there's definitely something to suit everyone’s culinary tastes here. The underlying theme behind all our dishes is summertime. And the manifold variations on that theme…..

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