“One should treat a guest well as long as he is in the house and speed him when he wants to leave it.” Homer’s Odyssey 15.

Welcoming, yet stylish; cheerful, yet discreet – these are the words we would use to describe the welcome we like to offer our guests. On top of the understated luxury of our hotel and its highly regarded cuisine, we would add an atmosphere of informal elegance, and a respectful and natural approach to serving our guests. Formality, artificiality and insincerity are not our style - especially since our hotel's reputation has for years now symbolised class and true quality, certainly not pomp and pageantry. It is our desire, not merely to satisfy our guests’ every wish, but also to ensure that our concerted efforts are geared to their unique personalities, allowing them to be “themselves”. Our guests are of course as varied as people everywhere, just like the world outside the hotel walls. This is precisely why we chose to become professional hoteliers in the first place – because dealing with other people makes every day something special.

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