“The essence of history is change.” - (Jacob Burckhardt, Swiss culture and history expert)

Documentary evidence of the “Wirtschaft zur Sonne” or “Sun Inn” dates back to 1641. This was the year husband and wife Hans-Ulrich Alder and Anna Barbara Schädler took over the inn and tavern rights from two gentlemen from Zurich under a feudal agreement. A new era was heralded when they transferred the inn to their daughter Elisabeth and her husband Heinrich Guggenbühl: the Guggenbühl family were to maintain their links with the hotel on the right bank of Lake Zurich for over two centuries.

The Romantik Seehotel Sonne is currently run by another man-and-wife team, René Grüter and Catherine Julen Grüter, with considerable management expertise and passion; a staff of committed and well-trained employees back them up all the way. The philosophy behind our hotel is based on a dynamic approach of keeping up with the times, whilst simultaneously continuing to uphold old-established traditions and values.

No empty words these – this is our business credo and as such underpins our day-to-day activities.

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